About Me

Hi, I am Niranjan Sridhar, a 20- something learning my way through life.

I am currently working at Google as a Quantitative Analyst.

I completed my doctorate in Physics at Prof Olivier Pfister’s QOQI lab at University of Virginia. I studied Engg. Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay before coming to US for graduate studies.

I am very interested in artificial intelligence, graph algorithms and machine learning, although my favorite mind-fodder is quantum physics and quantum computing.

I love music and will totally join your part-time non-committal band. I have recently developed an interest in electronic music. I enjoy reading but cannot find the time so audio-books have saved my life. All too infrequently, I find the motivation to write, either about science, or fiction, or science fiction.

I used to enjoy playing most sports and would love to be in good enough shape for them all. Please be my exercise/sports partner! HELP ME!!!

I’m always looking for something new to try and think about. If you have a project you think I would be interested in, I probably would.

In the end, my greatest achievement in life is marrying my childhood crush, Sana. She infuses every day of my life with the strength and motivation to be a better person.



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