Welcome to my home page. Check out my research and my blog.

Hi, I am Niranjan Sridhar, a 20 30 something learning my way through life, ‘drinking from the fountain of knowledge’ as my advisor described me. My primary interests right now are artificial intelligence research, quantum physics and automating my life.

I work as an ML researcher at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences). Before the tech life, I used to be a physics guy, completing my doctorate in Physics at Prof Olivier Pfister’s QOQI lab at University of Virginia and majoring in Engineering Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

I will totally join your part-time non-committal band. I (used to) love reading till audiobooks changed my life. All too infrequently, I find the motivation to write something. I will resume playing volleyball and working out starting next Monday, just you wait!

My greatest achievement in life is marrying my childhood crush. She infuses every day of my life with the strength and motivation to be a better person.

If you’d like to talk research, quantum, AI or whatever else, reach out on Twitter or contact form.

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