Current Position : Research Assistant, University of Virginia

Advisor : Prof. Olivier Pfister

Topics : Quantum Optics, Quantum Computing, Quantum Information

My Resume



Niranjan Sridhar, and Olivier Pfister. Generation of multipartite spin entanglement from multimode squeezed statesPhysics Review A89, 012310. (2014)

Niranjan Sridhar, Reihaneh Shahrokhshahi, Aaron J. Miller, Brice Calkins, Thomas Gerrits, Adriana Lita, Sae Woo Nam, and Olivier Pfister. Direct measurement of the Wigner function by photon-number-resolving detection. Journal of Optical Society America B, Vol. 31, Issue 10 (2014)

O Pfister, P Wang, R Alexander, M Chen, Niranjan Sridhar, N Menicucci. Scrolling the quantum optical frequency comb: one-way quantum computing with hybrid time-frequency entanglement. Bulletin of the American Physical Society 60 (2015)

R Shahrokhshahi, Niranjan Sridhar, O Pfister, J L Habif, S Guha, A Miller, S W Nam, A E Lita, B Calkins, T Gerrits, A L-Linares. Information-efficient phase imaging with heralded single photonsAPS Meeting Abstracts 1, 27011 (2013)

Programming Projects

Classification of analog detector signal into discrete signal using partially supervised k-means algorithm. MATLAB

Extracting research keywords and co-author relationships from journal publications metadata and building an author recommendation engine. Python. 

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